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Nix Comics Quarterly #3

28 pages, Color

Cover by Glen Ostrander



The Devil's Record Collection by Ken Eppstein and Mark Rudolph: A mysterious record collector with an eerie resemblence to Brian Jones has an offer that a record store owner finds hard to refuse


Did It Really Happen? by Ken Eppstein and Matt Wyatt: The rivalry between Joe Tex and James Brown


Bust Stop Ned Be Illin' by Ken Eppstein and EJ Barnes: A doctor has (maybe) told Bus Stop Ned that if you have hiccups, you're DYING


Mrs. Peterson and the Wolf by Rachel Autumn Deering and Glen Ostrander: A local kid fancies himself as a mythbuster!  Sometimes myths bust back....


Bus Stop ned Reads Between The Lines by Ken Eppstein and Max Ink: A crossover with fellow Columbus artist Max Ink's character Blink!

The Vicar: Here be Dragons by Ken Eppstein and Michael Neno: The Vicar faces down an angry mob looking to hunt down the "Penobscott Peeper," a monster of mysterious origin.


Terror at The State Fair by Ken Eppstein and Bob Ray Starker: at the photobooth to be more specific!


Public Domain Theater Presents: 19 Minutes 'Til Doomsday by Ken Eppstein: Two scientists (who hate each other) discover that life on earth is about to end.

Nix Comics Quarterly #3

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